Sagrantino is a unique grape variety , a vivid combination of ancient and modern, unmistakable  for its power and aromatic body. The vision of Marcello Lunelli and the winemaking team at Tenuta Castelbuono, was to create wines that frame the strong personality of the vine within the distinctive elegance of all the Lunelli Group portfolio. Therefore the focus was on very precise vineyards management. The first step was to create a highly specialized vine selection programme called the “Patriarchs Project”, which when coupled true organig farming practices delivered immaculately developed fruit. Continual cellar  experimentation, with particular focus on winemaking techniques and barrel maturation allowed to sculpt that raw power into a more controlled beauty. As a result the wines have achieved a potent harmony, perfectly balancing the stylized aromatic potential and untamed power of Sagrantino, and revealing a supple roundness previously unimagined.


Mario Soldati once wrote that “Wine is the poetry of the land”. To capture the magnificent prose that Umbria is capable of, the balance between man and nature must be respected and preserved within every phase of production. In 2011 the Tenuta Castelbuono estate codified their viticulture practices by enrolling the winery in the national registry that certifies grape cultivation undertaken in accordance with organic agriculture protocols. In 2014 the estate will receive the Organic Farming certification .

A typical expression of a grape variety that is absolutely unique in terms of power and longevity, the Sagrantino from Tenuta Castelbuono amazes one with its mellowness, which results from skilful vineyard husbandry and long ageing in large oak casks.

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A combination of the power of Sagrantino and the elegance of Sangiovese, the Montefalco Rosso from Tenuta Castelbuono expresses all the charm of a region with an age-old winemaking tradition.

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This first release of the Estate’s Montefalco Riserva comes from specially selected grapes from the “Le Fonti” vineyard at Bevagna. It is a wine of great structure and elegance whose long maturation takes place in the heart of the Carapace, the Lunelli family’s winery-cum-sculpture in Umbria.

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A “wine for meditation”, made by semi-drying Sagrantino grapes on racks, it is characterized by the fine, elegant concentration of aromas and flavours that are typical of the variety.

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